In Freed To Lead: F3 And The Unshackling Of The Modern Day Warrior, we sought first to define what we believed to be an endemic problem in America, the growing lack of male community leadership. We then proffered a solution, in the form of the men's exercise group that started with the goals of helping … Continue reading ACCELERATION



To date, I have had two careers: soldier and litigator. In the wide range of possible jobs a man could have in America that doesn’t cover much ground—my work experience is pretty narrow. I am also a husband and the father of three kids, so that broadens things out a bit, but not so much … Continue reading THE WEIRDEST THING I’VE EVER HEARD

The Guardrails

Picture those television commercials that depict a sports car whipping through the German countryside. The driver is always in the dead center of those narrow twisting lanes. You think, man I would like to drive like that (which is the point of the commercial), but then you see this disclaimer scroll across the bottom of … Continue reading The Guardrails